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 Joah - Mysterious Man

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PostSubject: Joah - Mysterious Man   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:02 pm

Art by ツキじ

A mysterious man connected to L'erisia and the Ouroubous Ark.

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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:26 am

I attempted a translation of Joah's memos a short while ago, I guess I should probably post them here! They are quite interesting, and are some of the only information about Joah we have.
I'm still learning Japanese, so if anyone has a correction, please say so!

I awakened feeling very good. I wonder how long I was asleep. In any case, I must immediately begin.
I will record. There is a recordable change here. This is what sort of wonderful thing?
Once, humanity feared a single cell as well was promised to live eternally.
Humanity was unsuccessful at that time; I wonder what did they think. We would personally throw away the one golden key.

Within the road to Zeta, a single small hole has been found in the matchbox. Frantically, my eyes caught a peek and momentarily had a glimpse into the world outside of the box. The yet unseen complex, huge world. Our answer is there.
People feared death. In other words, they were afraid of change. And finally, they completely forgot change itself. Even though there, there was nothing left.
Nature was always warning. Once, extremely prosperous races/species themselves sincerely accepted this. However, arrogant man opposed this warning.
Certainly exist--. This is the unknown joy we dreamed of. We must now certainly do this joy called existence.
I understand. At the time of humanity’s birth, the infinite space that became unknown, this box as well now has become more narrow than a matchbox. Even if this was humanity’s dream.

We were lost at a dead end. The great maze wouldn’t easily accept us. When did I realize that? No, I had probably already realized it, long ago.
※手記4と類似 (similar to note 4)
History has taught. Many people already had both eyes snatched away. In the past, many people have struggled for the same sight as I. The great majority facing the dead end just denied it as heresy. People just hate them, deny, hastened.
Stones on the beach are able to be scraped and all become uniformly rounded. Draws many disputes, it was like an approaching wave. People seemingly like a cobble, wanted mutual similarity.

Sin gave birth to that called God. God is worshipped, and gave birth to new sin. Thus, many gods obstructed our path.
※手記8と同文 (same as note 8 )

Probably, this will be the last. The angel that will guide us. Will name L’erisia.

※手記13と類似(similar to note 13)

Joah note 13:

Dazzling light can be seen…we for a moment knew but a long time ago forgot desired light…humanity made a huge miscalculation. Why was our history foolish….

This will probably be the last record. Come; let’s go together, my angel. To the road to the truth we have to know.

It seems like he is talking about immortality at some parts, immortality is also mentioned by other people from Earth... and it's interesting that he is talking about Zeta, and a "Golden Key" which of course is mentioned in Lien's chapter as well~ I wonder if he is trying to obtain immortality, though I wonder what that has to do with a ship traveling to Aria Te'Laria, and creating L'erisia, and what this "truth" is... oh Joah, we still know so little about you!
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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:31 am

Wow, these are interesting and confusing. Joah is really a conundrum!
Zeta, golden key and appearances tie him to Lien, I gravitate to them not being
the same person but it is all very vague. Thank you for these!
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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:52 am

Gaaaah!! Why can we not have more info into Joah!? I believe that if we could just have some of our questions about him answered, it would help us to understand the entire story better.

Personally, I don't see Joah as being Lien. I dunno, that thought process just does not click in my brain...Connected; yes. Though I just don't understand them being the same. ^^;

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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:07 am

Sigma wrote:
Wow, these are interesting and confusing. Joah is really a conundrum!
Zeta, golden key and appearances tie him to Lien, I gravitate to them not being
the same person but it is all very vague. Thank you for these!

I mean, it's been stated the Zeta was a hidden path. I really wonder if Joah is NOT Lien how can he know about Zeta.

In general, Joah's memos are very confusing. I bet that when Zektbach will release more information about Joah we will understand more things about Zektbach.
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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:29 pm

Well I did my translation attempt on the guidebook part about Joah! It's page 96 and the top of 97 ( the rest of 97 is just his memos) but yeah finally some answers!! As always, I'm not fluent in Japanese, so feel free to correct me at any spot!


Who exactly is Joah?

Joah, whose appearance resembles Lien, (※1) and who often showed up connected to L’erisia in the videos (※2). In the description in those memos it can be seen that he seemingly created L’erisia. Knowing his mystery-shrouded true identity is for sure something that compels this world’s structure, he is one of the existences at the heart of the Epic of Zektbach.
As a matter of fact, Joah is an inhabitant of the AD world, he once was one of humanity that eliminated meme (※3). However, in eternal emptiness, he had a change of heart, and at last released meme into the world.


Commentary from TOMOSUKE

It’s humanity by nature. Before unavoidable ruin, the previous age’s humans naturally discovered a way to change into a database on a spaceship and exist eternally, however, in there Joah comes to know emptiness. All of humanity’s will “in order to avoid destruction, should repeat the same thing eternally”, in that form they should have unified, but despite this Joah alone had the thought that “humanity should repeat destruction and evolution, even move forward.” (?) Humans should have already lost their bodies, and became an existence like a program however Joah, in the source carved in himself was an existence like a bug that could not assent.(?) Affecting the entire spaceship, he revives L’erisia, and again succeeds to destroy the concept of eternity……. It was his way of thinking that even if he himself must face death, if that was the case, it would be a wonderful thing.
What became a problem here is Joah restored L’erisia to earlier (?), or perhaps the dormant L’erisia altered the data of Joah and revived. In any case, as a result, the spaceship fell- certainly it might be a little hard to understand however, the world was rewritten and restarts. Thus, the spaceship, in the form of the ruins of the flying ship, was left all over the world (※4).
About Joah’s memos, they are what Joah wrote down concerning the development of L’erisia, they imply that “L’erisia=meme”.


▲Joah made a path to the outside for L’erisia in the closed world of floating sequences. Joah had become an exception, and in the end it could be said that it was impossible for humanity to eliminate the existence of meme.


1: Lien and Joah are not the same person, they are different people to the very end. However they have in common that as transcendental beings they understand the world from a Meta point of view.


2: From each song’s movie. If L’erisia in the same way also had a form that grew wings like an angel, then it was also represented in the form of a blurred noise mix. (?)

全人類が宇宙空間で時を刻まず、混沌も生まない永遠の存在となるウロボロス計画。ヨアは その一つのデータ「CODE Y-O-A-H(ヨア)」。

3: All of humanity, in outer space, with time not ticking away, Project Ouroboros amounted to an eternal existence that also does not give birth to chaos. Joah is one of this data “CODE Y-O-A-H (Joah)”.

永遠を保っていた人類の世界はリセットされ、再びリスタチアに支配されて時を刻む世界が 始まるということ。

4: The world of humanity kept in eternity is reset, and once again the world where time ticks by ruled by the Ristaccia begins.



Full Text of Joah’s Memos

Joah’s memos that have been written down in fragments in the Epic of Zektbach. They have been inlaid in each chapter of the epic however here they appear in their entirety. There, the desolation Joah felt in eternity is written down. He understands it is heresy, in addition described L’erisia as an angel.
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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:41 pm

Oh my goodness, thanks Ido for translating that whole thing for us. Now we know that Joah doesn't equal Lien but they can see the Meta point of view. (What does that even mean?!) While we all got some answers from this, it still sprouts more questions.
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PostSubject: Re: Joah - Mysterious Man   

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Joah - Mysterious Man
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