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Shamshir Zamouk


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PostSubject: hellloooooo   Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:22 am

So I never really was into anime or anything until I stumbled across Attack on Titan (and DAMN it is phenomenal), anyways I'm still not into much anything besides that (FMA and Baccano! were great though)...anyways I saw an AoT video using the ristaccia overture...and I thought it was an amazing song.  I really love how it blends electronic and classical.  So I searched it up and found the original PV and have since been COMPLETELY absorbed into this world for the past week and I'm just listening to everything on repeat and rewatching stuff basically.

I'm so sad that this isn't bigger in the west and it's VERY hard for someone that knows no japanese to follow everything!  It's seriously about enough for me to start learning.  I'm absurdly busy in school and with work but I'm trying to compile EVERYTHING story related I can find and eventually put some videos on youtube that tell the whole story (that I can scrounge up) in segments to get more exposure...the english site is amazing but it's incomplete and I think if everything was just more available, more people could actually get interested in it...

Anyways I'm a late comer and have been through like all you familiar people's tumblr's to see what info you have and it seems nothing has been happening since the release of the official guidebook which itself didn't look to bring much new.  Which I'm fine with, if I could just understand the drama CDs (and where do you find them anyways???  I managed to find the tracks to blind justice and fragments but masinowa sounds so good and I can't find it...)

Wow, I need to wrap this up.  Every day I've been on this forum I've been literally the only person on it Sad

Interestingly though when I finally decided to register there was 6 people one!  All guests though but still.

I took shamshir because I really like her backstory and songs and I'm really into the whole arab theme (but you bullies don't like her much!)  and nobody had taken her.

Fun fact, really what motivated me to actually join was the hurt/heal game that has been going on for over a year.  Maybe I can ninja it Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: hellloooooo   Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:39 am

Welcome Shamshir Zamouk

I was wondering if anybody was still coming to this forum has I was the last one (before you to register).

You said you are planing to put some video on YT, are you looking to do MAD/AMV ?

To find drama CD have look at CDJapan/PlayAsia or
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PostSubject: Re: hellloooooo   Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:15 pm

Hello, and welcome! Glad to see you've discovered Zektbach~ it's true though, it's fairly small here... videos would be great, I'd love to see more people discover it! I myself did a panel at a convention with some friends about a year ago which is also on youtube. Though we were limited to an hour so we hardly got to go in depth about some parts as I would have liked *coughwenkamuicough*

Yeaaah, not much has been happening recently. I DO need to get back to translating the part of the guidebook I said I would, but I suppose I've been lazy about that recently, sorry! Wow, even this forum has been dead recently...

I got my drama cds from konamistyle itself, by using "white rabbit express", a buying service, though they charge a bit extra, so if it's true that they can be found on CDJapan etc, like Jezza said, that's a much better option!
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Nox Catorce


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PostSubject: Re: hellloooooo   Sun May 11, 2014 12:32 am

It seems that you ,Shamshir, has the same disquiet as me, about the number of people navigating in the forum recently. I'm experiencing the same things since i started to visit the forum, with no registering yet. Because of this I got undecided some time if I would create or not an account.
But now we won't be alone in our visits, even that it's only we two Wink 
Luckily there's someone that likes to play hurt/heal too. Guess who? MEEEEEEEEE(OMG what i'm doing). That's it, don't let the awesomeness of the forum stopped.
Also, I likke very much your videos.
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PostSubject: Re: hellloooooo   

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