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 Nice to meet you!

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PostSubject: Nice to meet you!   Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:56 pm

I've been meaning to post here for years but finally got around to it! In the middle of finals haha..

Hi, I'm hirato aka ihatov!
I've been into Zektbach for about 5+ years, I used to stalk the bemanistyle forum for information all the time but sadly they lost all their info on their servers. : ( My friend pulled me into it and luckily I've met quite a few others who (at least) listened to zektbach. You may have seen me liking/reblogging posts all over tumblr in the past, haha.
Thanks to the efforts of many members here I got to learn a lot about the zektbach world in past years!
Hopefully Tomosuke decides to wrap up the last bits of the epic and give us a few songs soon.

I've only begun playing bemani a couple years ago, and I have to say I am absolutely awful at it. The only one I am decent at would be jubeat and that one doesn't have any zektbach, just normal tomosuke songs. I also really like SDVX and pop'n. My favorite zekt tracks would be Innocent Wish piano ver. and Ristaccia. All of the characters are precious to me but if I had to pick favorites, it would be Nox and Lien. I plan to cosplay them soon! ; _; I love MAYA's art, I have Puzzle, tarot enie, and Miika.

I also do art but am extremely lazy/messy, here's a super quick something I did just now to post here - (bodies, what bodies)

Thanks for reading!
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Matin Catorce


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PostSubject: Re: Nice to meet you!   Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:40 am

Welcome to the forum!
Even though there is barely any activities happening here, glad to see more fan joining the forum ^O^

As me and Mishie often whine about, any update for Zektbach at this point of time would brighten my life so much! I just hope Tomosuke hasn't given up on Zektbach yet, but I'm so worried that he has, since all the zektbach merchandises are being cleared out ;3;

MAYA's art is amazing~ I have fallen in love as well and hopelessly collecting stuff related to her art as much as I possibly can XD

Ahh~ Nox and Lien cosplay, looking forward to see them soon! Thank you for sharing the lovely art! I'm also lazy and messy at drawing too it's so embarassing >~<
Enjoy your stay at the Zektbach forum~

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PostSubject: Re: Nice to meet you!   Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:28 pm

Thank you! I'll try to post more ^^

I really really hope Tomosuke does too, he's so close to being done that he might as well wrap it up tbh..even 2 songs will do. I hope there wasn't an internal dispute in Konami over it or anything, although it seems like he's just focused on his other projects. : (
Yeah, it does seem like he's kinda given up on it at this point actually...orz
Then again the merch is all kind of old since he hasn't done anything recently so I guess konamistyle is tired of it being in their warehouse maybe?

I'm actually pleasantly surprised she was able to release Miika, I didn't think her works were popular enough to warrant another artbook but I'm so grateful to have it (thank you based Kotobukiya)!

Thank you ahh I hope I can start the cosplay sometime during break! Your art is super lovely too. ; _;
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Nox Catorce


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PostSubject: Welcome!   Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:50 am

Hey hirato, nice to meet you!

I think that all of us are despairingly waiting for Tomosuke to continue the epic. A reason for the "death" of the forum is the lack of new stuff. Even thus you join us, and it's very cool.

Yeah, MAYA's incredible.

You like Nox, huh? Nice choose!!! I no longer feel alone in my preference hehehe and Lien is good too. I would like so much to see the cosplay of them.

Your art is good, I liked it. And don't worry, laziness is a common problem with artists hahahahahaha

I welcome you with pleasure. Feel free to talk what you want with me, and have fun!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Nice to meet you!   

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Nice to meet you!
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