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 Nox Catorce

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PostSubject: Nox Catorce   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:04 pm

Art by 斉木
Nox Catorce

The "negative" one of the twins, and wielder of The Sword Of Despair: Tyrfing. He was supposed to be a prince, but was abandoned for having the ability to wield another Ristaccia sword; Tyrfing. Matin and Nox are of perfect symmetry, as are the two swords. To avoid the possible conflict between the positive one and the negative one, Nox had to be abandoned.But the royal sword instructor, Adhuc, did not want that to happen. He was a kind man, who had already adopted two orphans. He took Nox and the sword of Tyrfing away, escaped from the palace, and raised Nox as his own.

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Nox Catorce
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