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 Malchut - Turii

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PostSubject: Malchut - Turii   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:06 pm

Art by ali

The oldest member of the genderless race, the Star Children, who reside on the island Turii.

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Matin Catorce


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PostSubject: Re: Malchut - Turii   Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:23 am

I thought I will just put my translation attempt of Malchut's bio from Masinowa album booklet.
As I am not even close of having the most fluent or great knowledge in Japanese, please forgive the inaccuracy or awkwardness in my attempted translation.

The sole survivor of the race that has been in this world since ancient times, ‘Star Children’. She was in the middle of entering the ritual of vicissitudes at Turii island until Kukaru who doesn’t know anything disrupt the ritual and take her to Masinowa.
She is a being with no knowledge about ‘words’ nor emotions, however she gradually becomes attached to Kukaru and learns a lot of things during the time spent with him. Unfortunately, such thing is destroying the causality and this result to the destruction of Masinowa. After the destruction of Masinowa she keeps tormented by the contradiction of her existence. After confronting L’erisia at Sky Ship Ruins (most likely the Ristaccia ruins which has been hinted to be a spaceship) she goes into a deep slumber.
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Malchut - Turii
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