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 Chapter 3 - Part I - A Nameless Village Deep In The Mangrove

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PostSubject: Chapter 3 - Part I - A Nameless Village Deep In The Mangrove   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:31 pm

Panan Jungle
Chapter 3 : Empress Matin
Part I - A Nameless Village Deep In The Mangrove

"Falo Credere Etincelle, who was requested by Empress Matin to find her lost brother, had found a very important clue from an information seller in the city of Falune. It was said that there was a boy who looked the same to Empress Matin in Panan Jungle, and he was leading a secret legion there. Thinking it was believable, Falo went to the jungle and he finally found a small village that was never marked on the map. It wasn't much of a village really: They just cut the mangrove around and casually built camp there. The villagers were all clothed in rags, and had hardly anything to eat.

When Falo entered the camp, the people quieted and eyed him distrustingly. Several young people even drew their swords, ready to attack at any moment. The atmosphere was charged with tension. At that time, a boy came out of the blue and broke the silence.

"What has happened?"

The boy donned a gorgeous suit, noble air surrounding him. He looked so beautiful,
none would believe that he belonged to this kind of place.

"Who are you? Why did you come here?" The boy asked Falo, imperturbably.

After seing his face, Falo was shocked. Long, platinum blond hair, big, clear eyes; the boy was
not only as beautiful as his Empress Matin, but had just the same face as her as well!

"Did I just see her in a mirror?" He muttered to himself. "It can't be. He must be the very brother of Empress Matin.""

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Chapter 3 - Part I - A Nameless Village Deep In The Mangrove
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