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 Chapter 4 - The Dream

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PostSubject: Chapter 4 - The Dream   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:56 pm

Chapter 4 - The Dream

"A cabin.
An old man sat before his desk.
A book full of words and an empty book were placed before him.
It appeared that the old man was copying books with his feather pen.

A deep primeval forest.
Some kind of giant living creatures were in the forest. No one had ever seen them before.
Looks like they were waiting for something to come.

A long chain hanging from the sky.
A young girl was climbing it. A beautiful apple was in her hand.
Lots of living things were being tied by the chain, far below the girl.

Hannes woke up from the strange dream again.

She had been having strange dreams every night these days. The dreams troubled her deeply.
She finally decided to consult the pope."
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Chapter 4 - The Dream
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