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 Other Characters

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PostSubject: Other Characters   Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:03 pm

Art by sena

Matin's faithful knight.

Art by 林立

-insert description-

Art by 桜坂ばんび

-insert description-

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PostSubject: Re: Other Characters   Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:21 am

I thought I will just put my translation attempt of some of the characters bio from Masinowa album booklet.
As I am not even close of having the most fluent or great knowledge in Japanese, please forgive the inaccuracy or awkwardness in my attempted translation.

A young member of the secret organization called Sazaragi. He has a pure heart with a strong sense of justice. He successfully disembark on unprecedented land Turii (after a hard journey)
Due to his sense of justice, he saves Malchut who was in the middle of ritual. This later will have a significant impact to this world.
In Sazaragi, his friendship with Gijiri is like that of brothers, however since he brings Malchut back the relationship between him and Gijiri has greatly turned grim. At the end he meets his end from Gijiri’s blade.
He’s a child between Yamaji and Kagachi race, which is considered to be a taboo.

One of Sazaragi member and Gijiri’s right hand man. ‘Born’ at Devil’s Lair Wenkamui, he is an outstanding ‘Majin’ (magician in other translation). He posses skills beyond knowledge and command over the rest of Majin. Afterwards, when the Majin went rampage he used all of his life force to seal them. Even after the destruction of Masinowa, Ido’s seal remain intact.

A beautiful black haired girl who lives at Konohana, a place that rules over Jakotsu. She is a noble that is well respected even amongst Yamaji people. She has a strong loathing towards Kagachi people as it is a knowledge that’s being hammered thoroughly to her since young, being raised surrounded by nobles.
Gijiri kept being plagued by the her image.
note: the girl appeared on Kagachi PV

Majin - technically means 'demon' (but seeing that Majyou meand witch, it's also not wrong if Majin is translated as 'magician'?) but in Masinowa the term Majin seems to be used as the next step of evolution for Kagachi. Kagachin that goes to Junaguni and exposed to the mysterious light in that ruins will then 'reborn' as Majin.
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Other Characters
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