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 Lyric Translations!

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PostSubject: Lyric Translations!   Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:29 pm

For anyone who wants to tackle translating/post translations you found, this is the thread for you!

Here's a little snippet of Kagachi that I attempted to translate a while back. I lost a good portion of my translation when the Bemanistyle forums went down, and I can't seem to translate well with just Romaji (too many possible meanings, I never thought I'd say it would be easier if I had Kanji to rely on!). If anyone has the actual Japanese lyrics (also lost to the Bemani crash OTL), please post them here! Or if anyone wants to pick up and finish my translation, you're totally welcome to it! My Japanese isn't the greatest, so be gentle! ;__;


ashihara ni naku
kaze wa ibuki
kono hana sakasu
kashikomi maosu*
kagachi maga hito
hirei wo yura
hite wagate ni
furishi ame no
ho akari enishi harau
kamugakarumono no sadame
hi no iro no kinu nageku o
mo hi wo tabaneshimono yo
kiku wa kaze no ne


The wind is sighing
Through fields of reeds
They call to you...

As the Konohana bloom,
I hear a dreadful calling
Kagachi maga hito ("The Serpent is an evil being"?)
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Lyric Translations!
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