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 A little Zektbach fanart project~

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PostSubject: A little Zektbach fanart project~   Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:06 pm

Hello fellow Zektbachians!

I know there are a lot of artists here on the forum, so I guess I shall share some of my craptastic art.
Recently, I started to experiment with an cartoon style, and I found one that I really like to work with.
How does this fit into Zektbach you may ask? Fear not fellow reader, because it will make sense in a few seconds.
MAYA of course does the character designs for Zektbach, and from what I've noticed she puts A LOT of detail into clothes. Now my cartoon style simplifies a lot of detail.
So the challenge I gave myself was to draw the important Zektbach characters in (somewhat) chapter order, simplify them while at the same time keep the complexity of the clothes. So far I finished Shamshir and I'm working on Lien at the moment. Later today I'll post Shamz and see what you guys think! ^^ Some character designs I'm not looking forward too.. (I'm looking at you Giziri, Masinowa!Malchut...Grumble grumble..)

So yeah, thought I'd share this with you guys.

So yeah, here's Samshir! P.S. TO the people on here that speak Japanese... I'M VERY SORRY FOR BUTCHERING THE CHARACTERS. (The last one was a pain in the butt...)

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A little Zektbach fanart project~
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