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 Chapter 2 - Part II - Transcendental Intelligence and Might

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PostSubject: Chapter 2 - Part II - Transcendental Intelligence and Might   Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:39 pm

Art by "とりにく"
Ristaccia Ruins
Chapter II - Part II - Transcendental Intelligence and Might

"Now there is one 'me' who has to obey the rules of nature, and there is another 'me' who can transcend all the rules,
overlooking the whole world like a bird flying freely."

Lien touched himself in order to confirm his sense of touch and his existence.

"The Goddess Sigma has already entrusted the 'Golden Key' to me and taught me the occult science named "Evolution", so all I'm left to do is to uncover the mystery of Ristaccia, the mysterious eight pieces of ruby; mankind has never discovered how they came to be. This is the unfulfilled wish of the seven vanished races and also my destiny as a transcendental being."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2 - Part II - Transcendental Intelligence and Might   Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:51 pm

I feel that this chapter hints so much at what's really going on, if only we knew more!

What is the "Golden Key" exactly? In Joah's memo, he mentions that humanity threw away the one Golden Key, and Lien says that Sigma entrusted him with the Golden Key... so does it have something to do with being a transcendental being? And how/why would humanity loose it...

Also, why is Boltzmann mentioned on that slab? I guess it pretty much implies that the ruins did indeed come from Earth, but what is his significance to the ruins? Why in the creation of the ship would something about him be placed there...
And in Joah's memo #4, what exactly is the "Great Maze"? Does it have something to do with Zeta maybe? Also, I was thinking that Zeta could perhaps be used to travel through space. In the beginning of Ristaccia's pv, it almost looks like the ship came through it to Earth...

I also find it interesting that Shamshir thinks that Transcendental beings will bring disaster, and thus kills Lien, because the A.D. memo for her chapter is Augustine's that says that transcendental being is not necessary and that the elite genes must be sealed off, which is exactly what she is doing...

And finally, Joah's consciousness appearing as Lien is dying... is it because of Shamshir's ristaccia piece, or Lien himself? Or something else.... the chapter says it's in the vortex of sequences, I'm not sure if that's significant or not... so much to think about!

Wow, so many questions and rambling!
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PostSubject: A Theory.   Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:40 pm

Wow, after reading this, I think I have a theory to the existence of Aria te L'aria. But it is JUST A THEORY!!! Disprove it if you want to...

So, Joah, is a computer scientist or something of the like, and has created the computer program that can simulate civilization. The Ristaccia was part of an experiment to see what humanity would do with infinite power.

So, that is the theory in a nutshell.

Have fun with it. evolve it if you want.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2 - Part II - Transcendental Intelligence and Might   

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Chapter 2 - Part II - Transcendental Intelligence and Might
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