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 Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei

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Matin Catorce


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PostSubject: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:41 pm

Okay Masinowa Drama CD is more difficult for me to hear clearly, my japanese knowledge is still amateur and to make it worse Masinowa crew use a 'old language' format here and there (like in english, 'where art thou?')
So there is no way to make a COMPLETE and accurate translation, instead I just put in recap or point format for this. Disclaimer: ANYONE CAN POINT WHAT'S WRONG PLEASE DO SO AS I 1000% ADMIT I AM NO LEGIT TRANSLATOR, in fact LEGIT TRANSLATOR PLEASE COMEEEEEE ;A;

Kagachi part 1 - Gijiri's childhood.
Basically elaborate retold of legend of Gijiri story and Kagachi PV (there's a translation for this chapter available)
- Gijiri saw Misakuya and enchanted by her.
- Being Kagachi, he's not supposed to even come close to Yamaji, Gijiri get beaten for this.
- Minawa (introduced only in drama CD, none in PV) helped Gijiri and told him to not question anything and to go back to the field together.
- Gijiri went near the bridge to catch a glimpse of Misakuya everyday. She and the other ladies are aware of this but diss it as there is nothing he can do anyway being Kagachi.
- Not satisfied with just looking for far away Gijiri resolved to try become equal with Yamaji, he went to exchange his family prized treasure, the horse, with sword made from apoita (metal element in the masinowa)
- After obtaining the sword he went to break through Konohana house and saw Misakuya. Misakuya told him not to touch her as he is 'filthy' but when being asked why, she is troubled and answered reluctantly 'because you are Kagachi' She doesn't know exactly why and what difference.
- Gijiri told her that he throw his village away and no longer Kagachi, Misakuya somehow convinced, help covering for Gijiri when the rest of Yamaji there to grab Gijiri. She defended him saying that this boy told me he's no longer Kagachi as he ran away from the village.
- The Yamaji ladies laughed and asked Misakuya father to show how ignorant Misakuya is, by showing the mark on Gijiri's back. Once you are Kagachi you are Kagachi and this fact doesn't simply goes away.
- The Yamajis hold Gijiri and tore his clothes to reveal his Kagachi mark on his back. After seeing this Misakuya is disgusted and gave ultimatum to Gijiri, 'Kagachi, know your place! Never show yourself before me again!'
- Upon hearing this Gijiri reminded of his conversation with Minawa in which Minawa told him 'listen Gijiri, as long as we bear this mark on our back, we are Kagachi' he ran away screaming in frustration and went back to Jakotsu.
- As shown in Kagachi PV, Gijiri 'offered' his soul to KAGACHI and obtained the 'eye'
Minawa tried to calm him down that as long as we live everything is fine. But Gijiri refused to accept it as that's no difference than being lifeless being. He burned his dad and the rest of the village, also asked Minawa to come with him. He swore that he'll show him the truth of Kagachi.

Sazaragi & Wenkamui:
- Minawa is now known as Ido and becomes Gijiri's right hand man in Sazaragi.
- (it seems in the beginning drama CD shown Gijiri to venture into the ruins and caught the glimpse of Ristaccia ship. I'll re-listen and edit this section later when I got more time)

- EDIT: As far as I can catch is Gijiri ventured to Junaguni ruins and said something on how Kagachin becomes 'Majin' by coming to this ruins and then fixated on this place. He saw something there and commented if it is a boat paddle (I think?) as he remarked again how it is just like a fishing boat, and if it is really a boat why it is inside the ruins. Is it not a boat to sail into deep sea?
Then 2 of the Majins there who seems to be already half-crazy, saying something about how they have surpassed Kagachi and have no use of Gijiri anymore. They slashed Gijiri with sword and confused as they are sure it hit him. Gijiri then remarked on how he himself has finally becomes 'Mononoke' (in which he knows at this point he can heal from mortal wound)
He then commented about if Kagachin comes here and basked on the mysterious light they becomes 'Majin' then is there anything above that and I think he shoved the Majin to be basked on the light again and instead the Majin deformed and died.

- During conversation with Ido, Gijiri basically recapping about Wenkamui and the beginning of Kagachi and Yamaji. More details can be read in written chapters of Wenkamui and other related chapters which translated already by Ido in the forum here.

- Gijiri already obtain 'Ame no Hoakari' <-- ristaccia inserted sword, more about this in written Wenkamui chapter
- Sazaragi in Wenkamui is the gathering of Majin that Gijiri 'created'

- Gijiri question why he doesn't age and even immortal from mortal wounds, while other Majin in contrary has very short lifespan. He still haunted by Misakuya disgusted last words to him.
(which raise question, whatever happen to Ido guys? how much time pass between Jakotsu burnt down and wenkamui? Ido doesn't become immortal as well right?)

EDIT: On closer inspection, Gijiri also mentioned on why even Minawa/Ido also doesn't decay/age. I guess it makes sense he perfectly know about this seeing how they are together all these time LOL

- Ido being the strongest of them all thought other Majin to use sorcery (more in wenkamui chapter)
- Ido's discussion with Gijiri, how if Majin is a one step evolution from Kagachi, then there should be another step of evolution surpassing Majin, and Ido believes it is Gijiri.
- Ido already suspected the consequences for toying with 'life' (turning ppl to Majin and teaching them sorcery which shorten their lifespan) and prepared to take responsibility to amend for this.
- Majins go berserk, and Ido goes to do his 'duty' and proceed to use all his life force to seal Wenkamui. Before that he told Gijiri to go back to Masinowa with the rest of Sazaragi. He also told him he is the absolute form of Kagachi and as long as he weild 'Ame no Hoakari' he can lead Sazaragi. He bids farewell to Gijiri and seals Wenkamui. His last words are about the first time Gijiri asked him to go with him during the burning of Jakotsu in which only now in his last moment he understands what Gijiri wants him to 'see'
- despite Gijiri insistent for ido to stay with him, Gijiri lost him. He says ' Ido.. Minawa... even though you are 'brother' and 'friend' to me..'

hell yeah most unclear of them all LMAO
Gijiri went back to Masinowa, take over one of the house by confronting Inumikado the head of the house.
(for what reason, I get some hints of words here and there but not sureeeee will relisten and edit laterrr)
end of Gijiri CD is when Gijiri killed the Tenjin no Miko.

- Kukaru and Isago arrive at Turii
- They see Malchut and the rest of Star Children, once Kukaru sees Malchut stays under the water he jumps in to save her. Afterwards as the Star Children try to drag Malchut back to drown her, Kukaru carries Malchut back to the boat and back to Masinowa
- Kukaru and Isago are back in Masinowa and Kukaru introduces Malchut the girl he found in Turii to Gijiri.
- Kukaru decides to teach Malchut words and sworn will let herself tell her own name. Isago told him he should be able to find that out using his Kagachi eye, but Kukaru refuses as it is too easy (lmao)
- (forget what Gijiri discuss this time will edit laterrr kayyy)
- Gijiri had a word with Kukaru and asked if he is mixed blood child. Kukaru told him yes and he didn't mean to hide it. During this conversation Gijiri found out that Kukaru mother (Yamaji) is from the same family as Misakuya and realize why he has unfondness feel towards Kukaru as he resembles Misakuya.
- Gijiri asks Kukaru to show the Kagachi mark, when he touches it, as it pains Kukaru, Kukaru scream 'don't touch me!' this brings back unpleasant memory to Gijiri as Misakuya said the same words.
- Gijiri grabs Kukaru (I don't know if he strangle him or just clenching his grab in his shoulder real bad) in anger while hissing 'are you saying I am filthy?' and Kukaru is puzzled by it. Later Gijiri calms down and said it is because Kukaru told him not to touch him. Kukaru then explained it is because his back has been hurting more and more these days since he is back from Turii.
- Malchut comes nearby (before this one on one discussion, Kukaru asked her to go away a bit as Gijiri wants a word with him) and reaction between malchut and ristaccia in Ame no Hoakari happens causing big disturbance like in BJ drama cd. During this Malchut 'meet' L'erisia and shown the end of Turii tree and other Star Children.
- Malchut gains conciousness and shouts 'MIRIA' in which Kukaru mistook it as her name and start calling her Miria. Gijiri aware of the reaction, frantically ask Kukaru what exactly happened at Turii, Kukaru hides it and say nothing happened. Gijiri aware from this point that Kukaru shouldn't be near Malchut.
- Gijiri and isago go to Turii and see the remnants of tree and star children. Isago is shocked seeing the remnants of the other Star Children and told Gijiri that once these remnants were living being. She told after Gijiri asked, the children let 'Miria' just drowned and just calmly watching it happens. Gijri grasped that it must be some kind of ritual.
- after back, there is an internal power struggle and this guy (inumikado i think) tried to expose Gijiri schemes and tried to kill him. However Gijiri is protected by Kukaru. During this Gijiri says something about mixed blood children is to be exterminate or to vanish. <-- seems like this is a huge scarring thing for Kukaru in his childhood as he said to Gijiri before, people said mixed blood kid is thing to be dead or so.
- Gijiri perform 'snake excorcism' to Kukaru and it is a very painful process. Gijiri explains if this goes well you can live your life as Yamaji. After hearing his words earlier about mixed blood kid Kukaru took it as 'do you hate mixed blood kid that much??'
- Later with help of Isago, Kukaru ran away with Malchut. During this it is reveal Miria meand 'friends' and not her name.
- During their stop in burnt jakotsu, Gijiri catch up with them and confront Kukaru. He told him, this is for your own good. Kukaru refuses to believe it by saying Gijiri is doing this for himself bec he is scared of malchut existence. Gijiri admits it as that child causes reaction with Ame no Hoakari like the mysterious light phenomena and that she's need to be killed for Kagachi's safety. Gijiri shouts for the Turii kid to show up or he'll kill Kukaru.
- Malchut shows up and as Gijiri is about to give the finishing blows, Kukaru runs and cover malchut instead. He uses his Kagachi eye and to find out her real name, 'Malchut' He tells her that Gijiri is doing this for his sake.
- After Kukaru dies, Malchut becomes shocked and 'mute'
- Gijiri is about to send her away back to Turii and wonder if this is the right thing. Afterwards Malchut says 'Ristaccia' and Gijiri asked back 'Ristaccia..?' At that moment Malchut]s power went berserk and destroyed Masinowa.
- end of drama cd, continues to Raison D'etre PV.

That's the basic in nutshell. More info or discussion to be discussed belowwww~~~

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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:28 am

Oh wow this is really clear, your knowledge of Japanese is so much better than mine xD Cleared up quite a few points~ Thank you!!

At the beginning of the Wenkamui part, isn't Gijiri is in Junaguni ruins? (or are these the ruins you are referring to?) though why there would be a ship like the ristaccia ruins in Junaguni, I'm not sure... oh and there I think he discovers that if a majin is exposed too much to the mysterious light they die. (random detail~) Haha, it sounds a bit like radiation a little causes mutations, but too much kills you.

I don't know what's with Ido, 75 years pass from Gijiri burning Jakotsu to Ido sealing Wenkamui, and Ido is gorgeous and certainly not like he's over 75 years old! (This reminds me of a picture I once saw with Gijiri telling Ido something like "you asked why i dont age, but you also dont age despite being older, so stop acting like it's strange only for me xD) And doesn't he ask Gijiri at some point something like why he can use magic without it affecting him like the other majin?? There's something strange about him, who knows if it's a true immortality though...

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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:59 am

Ahhh, it's wonderful to finally have a summary of this, as I can only understand things here and there. Thank you so much! Did we have one for the BJ C.D. as well? Because I would really like to know more about these drama C.D.s!

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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:39 pm

Thanks for the summary, I was always curious as to what happened in the masinowa arc, since there wasn't a clear explanation except in the drama cds

Wait, Malchut destroyed Masinowa Question this is getting weirder and weirder
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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:40 pm

Thanks! Well that's one corner of the epic I now understand. You're awesome for posting that, by the way. Very Happy

Now I just need to figure out what the heck is going on in BLind Justice and what happened after Hannes went on her massacre....... And what A'Milia us doing in this.....
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Matin Catorce


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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:56 am

Okay I keep forgetting to edit some of these posts. I wrote those in extreme hurry before I need to go away so the writing was even more horrible than my usual horrible writing.
I have added some extra things as well.
If you have time please re-read them again ><;

To Ido: If you don't mind, can you post all the translation you have done so far in the forum as well?
I think it will be great to keep all the information archived in one place.

Regarding Malchut destroying Masinowa, basically after Kukaru's death Malchut obtained an overhelming amount emotions, especially despair. As shown in Raison D'etre PV, during this swirl of despair her power is uncontrollable and the giant tree she dished out then wrecked and destroyed Masinowa.
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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:41 am

I reread everything, this is a really excellent summary of the drama! It's nice to have it all written out here. (I also heard boat paddle, which instantly makes me think of the paddle-type things in the ristaccia ruins... and is why I want to know what exactly Junaguni ruins is so badly)

Ah, good idea, I really need to do that. Just got to figure out where in the forum I should post everything....

Haha, I have an urge to listen to the drama cds again now

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Matin Catorce


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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:54 am

Sorry for the late reply Ido, It has been hard to find energy to do stuff during the very bad symptoms of my RSI.

Hmm I can't remember all of the one you have translated so far, how about:

- The one you have been translated related to Kagachi and Yamaji stuff, basically the Masinowa related stuff to be put under the chapter 7: Gaiden thread.

- For the memo and all related to L'erisia and Joah, maybe a new thread like how I created one for Masinowa drama cd? Maybe put it under 'Primal Logic: L'erisia and Joah notes'? Since the video of Primal Logic shown as chapter ??? in the beginning lol

- Oh and for Agiona one, you can either make new thread in Character discussion section or put it under other characters section.

I will put the masinowa character bios I have attempted to translated as well in here.
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PostSubject: Re: Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei   

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Masinowa Drama CD - Kagachi & Turii Panta Rhei
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