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 Um... hello?

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PostSubject: Um... hello?   Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:12 am

Hello, nice to meet you! You can call me puppet, I'm 15-year-old "ordinary" Indonesian girl

I became Zektbach fan since a year and six months ago (yeah, I'm just a newbie...). I found this awesome fandom when I search some Tales of the Abyss parody videos on NND, and I found Blind Justice parody with its characters. I fall in love with the song and search for the original one, and then Nox took my heart

My favourite song is ZETA and Wenkamui, but I also love the songs from official website
And my favourite PV is Ristaccia and Shamshir Dance (yes, that dance!)
I love almost all characters, but for Joah, Adhuk, and Hannes (I'm really sorry, Hannes fans!!), I'm not sure I like them or not...

I hope we can became friends -bow-

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PostSubject: Re: Um... hello?   Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:29 pm

Welcome to the forum, nice to meet you as well~

Oohh Wenkamui, that's easily one of my favorite songs as well. All those string instruments and Yayoi Yula's voice <3 <3
So many lovable characters~ And I think most people have those characters they don't like quite as much, so that's all good too

I look forward to seeing you here~~
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PostSubject: Re: Um... hello?   Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:58 pm

Oh oh hello there! Welcome to the forum. I agree 100% with Wenkamui's lovely vocals and just a great song in general.
That's fine, there are some characters that I don't particularly care for at all. Probably because we don't know a lot about them since I don't know Japanese. Like and Angoina. I do not particularly care for them too much because I just really don't know a lot about them.
Happy foruming~
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PostSubject: Re: Um... hello?   

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Um... hello?
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