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 L'erisia - The Crimson Angel

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PostSubject: L'erisia - The Crimson Angel   Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:56 pm

Art by

The physical manifestation of the Ristaccia jewels, not much is know about her.

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PostSubject: Re: L'erisia - The Crimson Angel   Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:51 am

Here is L'erisia's info in that black booklet that came with Masinowa. I'm in no way fluent in Japanese, sorry for any errors and awkward wording.


Once, Joah lived in a world without chaos. At one point, Joah noticed. In the world outside the world of order, in the joy of existence---and Joah produced an angel as a guide, and named her L’erisia. Due to L’erisia’s creation, the world….
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PostSubject: Re: L'erisia - The Crimson Angel   Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:50 pm

Here's the information on L'erisia from the guidebook, and of course the usual, I'm not fluent, so sorry for mistakes, feel free to correct them if you find them. I love how she is the very concept of memes themselves, it's interesting stuff.

叙事詩のキーとなる存在 その2 ルエリシア
The key existence of the epic of Zektbach 2- L’erisia
The red angel of chaos that brings prosperity and ruin
やがて旧人類は進化論理学を発展させることでミームを排除することに成功し、さらには自らをデータ化することにより永遠の存在を手に入れた。しかし、変化がなく時間の概念が存在しない「永久不滅の世界」に虚しさを覚えたデータのひとつがミームを赤き天使    ルエリシアとして復活させてしまう。そのことにより旧人類は滅んでしまった(※8)。
Character Overview
The girl of mystery called the red angel, with a very young appearance (※5). She usually dwells in the red jewel called Ristaccia; its owner is granted prosperity and ruin (※6).
This true identity is the memeplexes* that parasitized past humanity (※7). A memeplex is an aggregation of cultural genes, although they brought past humanity prosperity in the previous world, at the same time they lead to chaos. Due to this, it came to be that they held a sense of impending crisis when it came to the existence of meme.
By the development of evolutionary logic, the humanity of the past before long succeeded in eliminating meme and furthermore, by converting themselves into data, obtained eternal existence. However, in the “eternal immortal world” where there is no change and the concept of time does not exist, one of the data who knew emptiness would revive meme as the red angel L’erisia. Due to this, the past humanity perished (※8 ).
The revived L’erisia would also parasitize the humanity of the newly started world “Aria Te’laria”, manipulating the entire world.
*TN- The word used in this paragraph was just “meme”, but what was described is technically a memeplex, so I decided to use the word memeplex instead.
Commentary from TOMOSUKE

If A’milia is taken as a symbol of harmony, then L’erisia is chaos itself. An existence that has continued to be completely parasitic to humans, in the Epic of Zektbach “It is not even that humans voluntarily went to war, it is that the main cause L’erisia led and tricked humans”. Although in this world L’erisia is depicted in the form of a girl, in the old world she existed in the form of information.
Her image color is red because it is the color of the Ristaccia which is a part of her. Furthermore red is also a color that tempts people. While she is the presence behind the many tragedies depicted in the Epic of Zektbach, it is not that L’erisia is absolute evil. Similarly to A’milia, she is an existence closely connected with humans, she continuously influenced them, and in reality just their respective standpoints were different.
▲まるで天使のような姿で描かれているが、本来のルエリシアは人間を導く情報のような概念。ゼクトバッハ叙事詩に描かれている人物たちだけでなく、古代八種族の興亡にも大きく   関わっている。
- She is depicted with a form like an angel, but the original L’erisia is the information-like concept that guided humans. Not just the people depicted in the Epic of Zektbach, but she also was a big influence on the ancient eight races’ rise and fall.
5: Appearance is about 11 years old in human years. Depicted in the form of a girl whose innocence remains.
6: L’erisia’s true identity is the cultural genes that parasitized humanity. An existence that gave “culture” to people, this will bring prosperity and ruin. At the same time also provided the concepts of such things as chaos and time.
7: The humanity that lived in the AD world. Beings almost the same as us.
8: In order to cut off the cultural gene (L’erisia), the previous humanity abandoned such concepts as time and the individual form and changed form into a database. However, one of the previous humanity’s data had a feeling of unease; this is no longer a “consensus of humanity”, which leads to a large tear.
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ZETA -memeplex-


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PostSubject: Re: L'erisia - The Crimson Angel   Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:25 pm

Thank you for the transcription Ido! Makes me want to re-fresh learning Japanese..... (I PUT IT OFF FOR TOO LONG!!!)

Now,.... problem is.... what do I translate....
Lien's description? Why not.
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PostSubject: Re: L'erisia - The Crimson Angel   

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L'erisia - The Crimson Angel
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