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 Trisagion - Purification Prayer Lyric translation

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PostSubject: Trisagion - Purification Prayer Lyric translation   Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:53 am

Guidebook has 2 songs lyric covered. Turii has the actual lyrics and the 'meaning' of the lyrics written in Japanese. Someone has already put the transcript of Turii and the translation but I need to ask permission and how to properly credit her first before putting it here. Then, Purification Prayer has the 'meaning' of the lyrics only, without the actual lyric transcript (what a pity and I want to know about it so bad sobs)

So here is my translation attempt of the lyrics meaning.
As I am not even close of having the most fluent or great knowledge in Japanese (and also English I guess lol), please forgive the inaccuracy or awkwardness in my attempted translation. Any corrections are more than welcome.
Note: original japanese text will be hidden in spoiler tag.
Also... I ABSOLUTELY HAS NO IDEA HOW THE 2nd 3rd top etc thing works /sobs

「Purification Prayer」

* [B] 2nd is as necessary. 3rd is humming, top, same as 2nd.

Top, 2nd, 3rd
Praise, that power
Look, the eastern sky
Revere, that kindness
Wait for Celios

Praise, the power
Look, the eastern sky
Revere, that kindness
Celios ascends

[A1] Top Kneel at the end of wilderness
In Heaven seek blue star shines

[A2] Top Trisagion is rebirth
2nd <even if the star sinks on the horizon>
Top It will grant purification to people impurity
2nd <such wisdom is eternal>

[B] Top Without holding tears at the noble sacrifice
2nd People that succumb to the glory of evil
Top At the peak of sorrow true happiness appears
2nd Trisagion guides people soul to pure world

[A2] top, repeat. 2nd , 3rd is huming (no lyric)
[B] top, 2nd, repeat

[C] top, 2nd, 3rd Flower wilts on palm, land cracks from drought
Fruitless rice, a town covered in snow
Days go around, to new world
Embracing a child, even a child embrace another, and still it keeps spinning around
People budding under Trisagion’s purification

[B] After intermission、top, 2nd , repeat.

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Trisagion - Purification Prayer Lyric translation
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