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PostSubject: EPIC III - JUSTITIA   Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:47 am

Part of Blind Justice arc, this is from Ristaccia album 'artbook' booklet. 
This scene is depicting Matin (disguised as civilian girl named 'Lucis') and Nox brief meeting/conversation. This scene is later modified and elaborate more in the BJ drama CD.

Please forgive the inaccuracy or awkwardness in my attempted translation. Any corrections are more than welcome.
Note: original japanese text will be hidden in spoiler tag.


I am Nox, and you are?

I am.. Lucis.

Lucis, ‘light’―― it’s a nice name.

Are those entire fine boats belong to all of you?

That’s right. Those ships are carrying our dreams. Do you have a dream?

My dream..? I think for me the world becomes the place where everyone can smiles would be nice.

I feel the same. That’s why for the sake of everyone’s happiness I must lead that naval fleet and fight. 

Even though fight gives birth to many sadness?

Lucis, this is a fight for justice.
We have to suppress the evil existence.

Justice… (I wonder what does justice mean for me?)

A great number of sufferings that I have tasted, I want to put an end to it…

It was painful isn’t it… Nox…

The morning sun has risen. I have to go soon.

..Nox. Is it painful for you even now..?

I have ‘justice’. I have an objective to make everyone happy.
That’s why it is not painful. 
Moreover.. like this I can meet you who has the same dream as mine.

I see. I’m glad…

Let’s meet again, Lucis.
At that time, may everyone can happily gaze upon the rising sun like this in peace!

Yes.. if we can meet again, that would be nice…

In despair and hope there is an equally contrasting powerful energy.
As matter of fact both carries blind course of action.
I have succeeded in clarifying that principle that dwell in humanity.
To my surprise, both despair and hope was originally of one pattern.
Why did it separated into two?
Well, the 2 metadata here will surely prove it to us.
A.D. 2374 Theory of Evolution Physicist, Augustine Bygott.

original Japanese text:
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