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 Chapter 1 - Her name is Shamshir

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Her name is Shamshir   Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:03 pm

Chapter 1 ~ Her Name Is Shamshir

"The Fortress Of Doroah was only stronghold left to protect the capital city of Isfaphan. There, the defending force were all working under a young female general. Shamshir Zamouk was only 15 years old when she was appointed a commander of the army by her father, General Shaldile. However, at the time, the whole continent was at peace; the army was never meant to fight, only to serve the role of law enforcement. Shamshir hungered for challenge, to test her limits by only fighting the strong. Therefore, because of these peaceful times, the army quickly began to bore her. One day, she was ordered to exterminate a group of bandits, which had committed many illegal acts around Pananora. When she met the bandit leader, she heard an interesting rumor...

"Your eyes are telling me that you are eager for strength. You're so tired of that boring army, right?" Said the bandit, a sinister smile crossing his lips. "Let me tell you something interesting. Do you know of the Assia Sand Cave? It lies to the south of Amuss. It is said that an incredibly powerful weapon is sleeping there, just waiting for someone to awaken it. It's all yours... but only if you can find it first! GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Shamshir considered it as a jape at first, but the words bothered her all day long.

"Each passing day is more boring than the one before... I suppose there is no harm in checking it out. Much better than wasting time here."

The next day, Shamshir disappeared."

This thread is also open to discuss the recent OVA "The Epic of Zektbach: Shamshir's Dance"
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Chapter 1 - Her name is Shamshir
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