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 Chapter 4 - The Island Of Fallarien, The Abandoned Paradise

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PostSubject: Chapter 4 - The Island Of Fallarien, The Abandoned Paradise   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:47 pm

Chapter 4 - The Island Of Fallarien, The Abandoned Paradise

"About 700 years ago, not long after The Holy Kindom Of Noigllado was established, a strange plague struck the continent.
The sufferers lost all of their consciousness and memories and turned into zombie-like creatures.

The King had no choice. He ordered everyone to hunt for the sufferers,
send them to a big sailboat and then push the boat into the Swan Ocean.
This way, the sufferers were abandoned by the continent and would no longer be remembered.

Finally, the boat arrived at an unmanned island far from the continent. The sufferers got down from the boat and began hovering on the island, just like zombies. Incidentally, a sufferer entered the forest and dropped into a spring. When he woke up, he found that he regained his consciousness. He drew some water from the spring and spilled it on everyone's bodies. This way, the sufferers were finally cured. However, their lost memories were not restored.

Without knowing anything about the continent, without knowing that they were abandoned,
without knowing Ristaccia, they began their new life on this island. They became the first islanders."
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Chapter 4 - The Island Of Fallarien, The Abandoned Paradise
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