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 Chapter 4 Part 8- The Tell of Singing Swans

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PostSubject: Chapter 4 Part 8- The Tell of Singing Swans   Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:01 am

A short part of Chapter 4 I attempted to translate, as always, I'm not fluent in Japanese, so I'm sorry for awkward wording and errors. Translated "丘" as tell instead of just hill because the actual Megiddo is technically a tell. Though they're pretty similar I suppose...

Having received God’s revelation, the girl chosen to hunt sin Hannes, in that grave mission and despair learned of suffering, continued to pray for pardon, but didn’t know that people’s piled up sin remains.
Sadness and anger soon changed to madness, and lead to the flames of annihilation from the Apocalypse Sword. That which is left behind after a blazing hellfire. That is an endless world of ice Cocytus.
At that too solemn and beautiful scene, Hannes broke down in tears atop Megiddo Tell.

Based on the lyrics to Apocalypse, Cocytus here probably references the 9th circle of hell in the Inferno, where it is a frozen lake. Also interesting to note that Tomosuke has a song called Cocytus.

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Chapter 4 Part 8- The Tell of Singing Swans
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