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 Chapter 6 - Raison D'etre

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PostSubject: Chapter 6 - Raison D'etre   Thu May 02, 2013 1:24 am

Both from Pop 'n Music page here:
and also from Zektbach Guidebook.
As I am not even close of having the most fluent or great knowledge in Japanese (and also English I guess lol), please forgive the inaccuracy or awkwardness in my attempted translation. Any corrections are more than welcome.
Note: original japanese text will be hidden in spoiler tag.

Chapter 6
The 2 influential existence in this world__

Star Children Malchut was taken away to Masinowa, as a result that country was destroyed.
Malchut whose self awareness hasn’t grown yet, doesn’t understand as to why the power sleep within her was unleashed, nor does she understand what resulted from that.

However, little by little the changing events etched firmly in her memory.
Days at Masinowa, all the people, and then Kukaru and Gijiri_______

From these memories qualia born, and awareness of self gradually formed.
Why does a great power sleep within her, and just what is the meaning of this power’s existence?

The power of chaos and ruin sleep within her, scream of bitterness people shout, the meaning of Kukaru’s actions____
Malchut is just unable to discover the meaning of her existence from all of those.

The enormous amount of awaken qualia, the formed emotions, and then various sad memories, tightly connected with unanswered question.

My power brings forth suffering__ People’s cries, Chaos___
I don’t know when this great power sleeping within me will unleash again___

Her existence bends the causality of the world and brings forth grief and need to be reverted back to nothingness. Malchut that starts to think so sense the strong power in contrary to her from Sky ship ruin and guided there.

There, the embodiment of Ristaccia’s power__
the red angel L’erisia lies in wait___

From The Epic of Zektbach chapter 6 “Malchut and L’erisia”

From Zektbach Guidebook:

Chapter 6 is a story right after the destruction of Land of Gods Masinowa. It illustrates the conflict between Malchut that keeps troubled by the reason of her existence and L’erisia that sneer upon troubled Malchut. It is also a story that suggests in the occasion that Malchut falls into long slumber; Aria Te Laria continues being controlled by L’erisia.

Chapter 6
Malchut that destroyed a nation with unstoppable power wanders through the land in ruins while she continues to distress.
What exactly is her existence?
Was she not supposed to disappear into the lake deep inside the island?
Unable to die or comes out with the answer she hears a voice.

“If you wish to revert everything to nothingness**, let’s meet at the ruins”

At the Sky ship ruin, a girl called herself the red angel waits for Malchut arrival.
The moment Malchut confronted L’erisia, the great power within her along with feelings of sorrow and hatred breaks out once more.

No. I have enough___ Stop, no more___
Even though she desperately tries to resist it, the power arises is unstoppable.
Countless roots of giant tree attack L’erisia, but she evades the attack breezily and draws her face near.

“Day of vicissitudes will no longer come”

Malchut that has exhausted her power turns into a big Lotus flower.

Commentary from Tomosuke
This is episode of confrontation between Malchut who has destroyed a country, and L’erisia at Sky ship ruins. It’s hard to imagine the actual situation, but it’s basically like the crash between concept against concept. Malchut lost against L’erisia, but it is not the concept of ‘death’, she temporarily transforms into a giant Lotus flower and goes to slumber.

What is being told here is each Raison D’être of nature to human and meme to human. Both of them have been nestled together in human but this relationship is questioned once more. Additionally instead of Malchut being defeated by L’erisia, it is more of self-destruction. It is nothing but the way people relate to nature and human being questioned.

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Chapter 6 - Raison D'etre
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